Dear friends and supporters!

With this summer newsletter we would like to share with you a beautiful news: Akvile from Kaunas is overjoyed to hold her Bachelor’s degree in her hands! Likewise, we report on the planned trip to Lithuania from September 1 to 4, 2022. And we invite you to visit our newly redesigned website

“Hello Otmar, I just want you to know: I finally yesterday have got my degree”. This happy news was received by our CEO Otmar in June via WhatsApp from 25 year old Akvile. She continued to tell Otmar in a joyful voice: “I presented my work and I passed! I have my graduation ceremony on June 29. I will now go to Denmark to work. Finally, I have received my diploma.”

Akvile is one of the first participants of our Patria support program, together with her twin sister Joana. Patria has supported her in her educational journey since 2016. Otmar, Ingrid and Jurate, as well as Christina Sperling, with whom she built up a trusting relationship, always maintained personal contact with her and encouraged her. Akvile did not have an easy time finding her way. She comes from a difficult home and had traumatic experiences that were difficult to deal with. Again and again she had doubts whether she was on the right track and there were some pauses in her professional development. We are all the more pleased that she has now actually managed to successfully complete her business administration studies at Kaunas College. We are also very pleased that Akvile is a very active “alumna” of the Patria program and is always sharing her experiences with younger youth. She will even give a talk at next summer’s camp. It is news like this from Akvile that reassures us how valuable and important the PATRIA program is for Lithuanian youth who do not receive support from their parents.

From September 1 to 4, 2022 Otmar, Ingrid and Jurate will travel to Lithuania again and are looking forward to being accompanied by our circle of sponsors and supporters. The program includes visits to the children in Marijampole and talks with the PATRIA team in Kaunas. We will spend active time with the young people from the PATRIA program: we will meet former participants of the program and learn about their professional paths, we will participate in the PATRIA day camp including dance therapy and we will accompany the PATRIA group on a day trip to a recreational park in Vilnius. There will also be time to see the beautiful Lithuanian cities of Kaunas and Vilnius. If you would like to join our group, please contact Ingrid Debald directly (

Please visit us on our newly designed website “”. There, our sponsors and supporters report on their impressions and you will receive a lot of information about our focus on youth services in cooperation with the PATRIA organization. We would also appreciate your comments on our website.

Now we wish you and your families HAPPY HOLIDAYS with a lot of sunshine and remain with warm greetings

Yours Otmar and Ingrid Debald

and the board team of “Child and Youth Care in Lithuania