Dear friends and supporters,

Herewith we would like to inform you about a joyful news: from now on our association is called “Kinder- und Jugendförderung in Litauen e.V.” With this newsletter we present you our new association name, and our new website. We tell what changes and what remains. We appreciate you taking some time to read it.

From now on our association is called “Kinder- und Jugendförderung in Litauen e.V.”.

With this new name, we would like to take into account the fact that the focus of our association’s activities has shifted over the past few years – to the educational support of around 60 young people in Lithuania, with the support of the experienced local youth welfare organization PATRIA. On the other hand, the number of children in the “Vaiko Teviskes Namai” children’s villages, which we have been looking after for over 20 years, has fallen from 120 children at that time to 18. This is due to changes in the state’s rules of care, which stipulate that orphans should only grow up in small family groups. We welcome the legal changes because they make it possible to grow up in family-like structures.

We are glad that in the more than 20 years of our association “Kinderdörfer in Litauen e.V.” we have been able to do a lot of good: through our sponsorship projects, the sponsorship program and the Christmas campaigns for hundreds of orphans in the two children’s villages.

But now the new time of the association “Kinder- und Jugendförderung in Litauen e.V.” begins! With the PATRIA training program, we actively and committedly support Lithuanian young people without a parental home in choosing a profession, training or studying, and in taking the step into adult life, which is particularly difficult for these young people. Our new association name with emphasis on “Youth Development in Lithuania” is meant to express this new orientation, which we started in 2014 and have continuously deepened since then.

Welcome to our new website!

Our team has worked dedicatedly on the project of realignment and modern website: You will find important information about our goals and the PATRIA program on our website, as well as testimonials from some sponsors and supporters there. Likewise, our extended team introduces itself and gives personal insights into our work. And you can communicate directly with the board team via the contact page. Our new e-mail address is:

Children and youth development in Lithuania - new website

And how do you like our new logo? It was designed by Stephanie Axmann from Frankfurt, who had already developed our former club logo, and further elaborated by Petra England. The logo is intended to represent our accompaniment of children and adolescents in their various stages of life and the protection we want to offer them.

Click through our new website!
And feel free to give us feedback if you like it.

Kind regards
Yours Otmar and Ingrid Debald
And the board of directors of “Kinder- und Jugendförderung in Litauen e.V.”.

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