Our sponsors report

Joy and gratitude

Our association has been offering the child sponsorship program since 2003. Such a sponsorship gives the orphans support and security, because they feel that the sponsors care about them. We very much welcome a German godfather to visit his godchild in Lithuania. In the process, we have already experienced wonderful moments of joy and gratitude on both sides.


Godparents report

What connects us to the project.

„It’s great that the association also keeps the older children in focus and aims to give them the opportunity to accompany them until they are independent and in the workforce.“…. >> Read more

Andrea Klant. Committed godmother since 2005

„When my goddaughter Karolina from Lithuania, with whom I have maintained an intimate contact since 2016, simply calls me „Mom,“ it is the most beautiful gift.“ …. >> Read more

Simone Graubner-Müller. Committed sponsor since 2005, board member since 2020

„Great people doing great work for the benefit of children and young people in Lithuania- worth any support!“ …. >> Read more

Silvia Steinert. Director Corporate Responsibility at Cosnova, corporate donor since 2015

„I am very happy when the young people in the PATRIA program accept our help and share their small and big successes with us.“ …. >> Read more

Jurate Bogacz. Member of the Board with Lithuanian roots since 2013

„The accommodation and situation of the children in the dilapidated house in Kaunas was heartbreaking – so I was glad that we as an association were able to help buy the two new Children’s Village houses in 2009.“ .>> Read more

Ursula Nemmert. Member of the Executive Board from 2004 to 2019


Paten und Förderer


Jahre aktive Unterstützung

Machen Sie mit

Geben Sie einem jungen Menschen in Litauen die Chance auf eine gute Ausbildung. 100 % Ihrer Spenden kommen den Waisen und Jugendlichen direkt zugute. Denn alle Mitarbeiter des Vereins arbeiten ehrenamtlich.

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